Launched in 1996 and produced more than 1.5 million copies, the iconic Citroën Berlingo gives way to its third generation, called Citroën Berlingo Van. New Berlingo Van realizes a real leap of generation in terms of style, equipment and modularity. The ideal partner for all professionals.

Citroën, the partner of craftsmen for 100 years

At Citroën, the history of the van begins in the twentieth century. Berlingo comes from a long line started in 1928 with the C4 van. In 1950 is presented the famous 2 CV minivan, 100% utility version of the cultured 2CV, which becomes a real iconic model.

In 1978, 2 CV Fourgonnette is replaced by Acadiane.

The real breakthrough came with the 1980s with a new offering: Citroën C15 which reaches more than 1.18 million units assembled in 22 years.

The other great revolution of the late twentieth century, called Berlingo! The very first generation appeared in July 1996 again shakes the codes by bringing more distinction and comfort. Berlingo innovates with a specific silhouette and an integrated load cell, of which only he has the secret. His name will become over time synonymous with reference on the segment.

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Visual continuity between the windscreen and side windows gives the C1 car a distinctive, modern look. Choose 14’’ or 15’’ wheel covers and super-swanky 15’’ diamond-tipped alloy wheels for an ultra-impressive finish.

The Extenso® Cabin is flexible to perfection, it can carry 3 people or increase the length and volume of useful cargo.
To increase the loading length, the side passenger seat retracts 3 meters in length in size M and 3.4 meters in size XL.

1 -The Extenso® Cabin can accommodate 3 people at the front with a 2-seater bench.
2 – Folding center backrest provides mobile office function with its adjustable writing tablet. Lockable lockable storage is also available under the seat.
3 – The raised side seat frees up a useful extra space for transporting the most delicate objects, thus increasing the loading volume from 3.3 to 3.8 M3 in size M and from 3.9 to 4.4 M3 in XL size.

To make loading and unloading easier, regardless of where the vehicle is parked, New Citroën Berlingo Van offers:
– one or two sliding side doors with an optimized opening width of 675 mm and a height of 1072 mm
– 40/60 swing doors with 180 ° opening
– an optimized width between the rear wheel wells.

New Citroën Berlingo Van offers up to 4.4m3 of cargo volume and its payload ranges from 650kg to 1000kg. An overload indicator may be available to inform you if the permitted load is exceeded.
The Loading Zone Pack will make everyday life easier with enhanced LED lighting, 4 additional lashing rings and a 12V socket.